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Students and Parents have unlimited FREE access to their grades, classroom agenda, and more!

Teachers pay a modest annual fee and receive unlimited access for the school year. makes your life easier by empowering you with 1-click email alerts to students and parents announcing updated grades, missing assignments, etc.. Parents and students can track their progress online at their convenience with access to a secure web site.

Heartbleed SSL Data Vunlerability

Your security is important to us! We are pleased to report that data was never exposed to the Heartbleed bug. You can read more about this widespread SSL leak here. We have always and will continue to monitor our systems to ensure the personal information you share with

Although all your data here was always safe, we recommend that you change your passwords on all websites with which you interact as a precaution.

What Are Parents Saying about

"I think that the idea of is great. Trevor has definately struggled this year and has helped me stay on top of his assignments that are due, what is happening in the class on a weekly basis and lists all of his homework assignments. It helps me manage my son's education a lot easier.

I think is a great tool and all the teachers should be on it."

"Grade Alert has been a life saver for me this year. Being a single parent, it is difficult staying on top of all of the school work and my son's progress. With Grade Alert this year I have been able to stay up with the grades and the lesson plan, allowing me to be proactive. Every teacher should have this !

"We are writing today to express how much we appreciate your frequent updates regarding Kyle's progress in your class. GradeAlert has really helped us to stay informed and the communication you have provided has been invaluable. We are especially impressed with the timely manner in which you post test scores, assignments, etc. It would be wonderful if every teacher would do the same!"
--Mike & Linda

"Teacher communication is very important to me in order to keep up with everybody's studies. I love One page tells me everything from tests to missed assignments. After initially getting on the web site it is easy to check my child's grades."

"... I can monitor his grades, seeing what areas need more work, and it lets me spend quality time without having to question him about schoolwork.

I wish all the teachers at intermediate AND high school level would use this valuable tool. Parents who are involved with their children’s education have children with better grades. This allows me to be involved. It is a priority in my email."

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